miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

How to get rid of dry skin

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Do you take care of your body the same way you take care of your face?
As we care and worry so much for having smooth, hydrated acne free skin on our face, same way we should worry about caring for the skin of the rest of our body, but, we often forget about it.

The skin n our body also gets dry, irritates easily, and can get acne too; usually we made the mistake of only taking care of it when we need shave or wax but we only concentrate our attention to our legs and armpits forgetting the res: back, shoulders, knees, elbows, feet… we need to give our enture body some love every day the same way we do it to our face.

One of the main reason our skin gets dry its due to dehydration, and the rest of our body compare to our skin tend to get dry a lot more. It´s not enough to juts drink water every day, the skin need to absorb some moisture; remember we expose our skin to sunlight every day for a long period of time, and this makes it dry faster. 

A dry skin looks old, dull, feels rough, itches a lot, irritates easily. 

How do I know if I have dry skin?

 The skin feels rough
If you draw a line over your skin with your nail it will leave a white line all over it
It itches and burns
The skin starts to crack (specially on your feet, elbows, and knees)
May appear cut in the folds of the toes or hands

Keep in mind you don’t need to have all the symptoms by having only one of them it means your skin is dry.

What should I do if I have dry skin?

It important to keep the skin hydrated, there are many different moisturizer or body butters you can use to accomplish this, use the one suits your needs best. I prefer to make my own moisturizer at home with more natural ingredients.

Don’t forget there are also some diseases like: Atopic dermatitis, keratosis pilaris, diabetes among others that causes dry skin, if this is your case u strongly recommend asking your doctor about it, he will recommend you the most suitable product for you.

What can I do to prevent my skin from drying out?

If you already have one of the symptoms, the best thing you could do is use moisturizer twice a day: in the morning before going out and at night right before you go to bed after you took a shower. After the shower is the best moment to apply it because your pores are open and they will absorber even more the moisture. 

Use sunscreen everyday
Avoid hot water baths
For your hands: use gloves to wash the dishes or clothes to prevent the damage for the harsh chemicals  
Avoid dry air
Avoid long hours of exposure to the sun for
Drink enough water every day (2liters at least)

How you take care of the skin of your body?

lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Why you should include Dr. Bell´s Pomade in your beauty Routine

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Have you ever heard about Drs Bell´s pomade?  Do you use it in your daily routine? NO? 

If you have never used this pomade before, you are missing out an amazing multipurpose product.
It’s just a regular very oily pomade that helps to protect the skin against any irritations, or burns and even insect’s bites. Contains vitamins A and E, moisturizes, and softens the skin. 

The pomade alone it’s amazing, it’s a great pomade if you are looking for something that will help you lighten your skin, help for any minor chemical burns like the ones you get with the depilatory creams, or an irritation for shaving also helps with sun burns. 

I personally uses this pomade in my face; every year winter time I get this awful irritation around my nose my mouth and chin area, gets all red, dry and you can literally see how my skin its peeling off. 
So, my mom told me to use this pomade and I have combination to oily skin so I was like hell no! I’m no using this oily pomade on my skin it will break me out.  But this thing going on, on my face was co uncomfortable it hurt it itches and I tried it, and I’m not going to lied on the 3rd day my face was perfect, like nothing ever happened!!  I used it twice a day. 

I have been using this pomade for 5 years now, I no longer have that irritations problem because as soon as winter starts I use the pomade to prevent myself from all that pain. 

But the best is that you can combine the pomade to give it other uses for example:

You can mix it with some sugar to make an exfoliant
Mix it with a couple drops of lemon to help lighten your armpits or any other dark spots that you may have.
Mix it with some honey and can be used as a lip balm
Can be mixed with oatmeal to use it as a face mask or even a exfoliant  
Can be mixed with garlic to combat minor infections on the skin
Other uses:
For dry skin, can be used as a facemask
Helps to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy
Helps prevent bumps after shaving 

Basically, can be mixed with anything you can think of! And you will always a have soft and moisture skin. 

I don’t know if this is just a Mexican product or not, I do know it’s a really old beauty must have I mean my grandmother uses this pomade, she doesn’t buys any body butters or moisturizes for the skin anything, just this pomade. 

Here in Mexico can be found at any drugstore, even in Costco.

For me this product it’s a must have! I can run out of any other product but thi!

Do any of you have ever try this pomade ? If you do try it please let me know if it worked for you and if you like it. I really do enjoy reading your comments and your experiences with the products.