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Dry skin on the face can be  annoying and uncomfortable, as it tends to give a sense of itching and irritation; using the wrong products can only worsen the situation.

One of the signs to know if your skin is dry are:
• · feels rough
• · It feels  stiff
• · Flaky
• · It looks cracked

 A dry skin problem is its tendency to dehydration, so it requires  a little more specific care than other skin types.

The key is to keep it hydrated with a specific moisturizer for dry skin, as it will provide the necessary moisture to keep hydrated. Especially during the fall / winter when the atmosphere is usually drier.

Astringent and avoid products that contain alcohol as these only increase skin dryness and irritate.

Nutritious masks with based oils are a good choice to give extra moisture to the skin and help you stay healthy and radiant.

Of course the most important thing is to stay hydrated, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, to look good on the outside is  important to be good inside.

Avoid excessive washing and prolonged exposure to hot water as this causes the loss of lipids (fats) that help protect the skin.

Remember, always go to a dermatologist for the proper care of your skin and do not cause severe or permanent damage.

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  1. Muy buenos tips, mi piel justamente es seca así que me sirve demasiado!!!

    1. Hola! Espero que si te sirvan los consejos! Saluods

  2. Enhorabuena por estos consejos.

  3. Tomaré nota porque mi piel es seca y siempre tengo la sensación de que hay más productos para pieles grasas!