lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

Easy Oatmeal Face Cleanser

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Hello everyone! So finally, I’m able to write another post. 
Today’s post its a really easy D.I.Y face cleanser with 2 main ingredients that we all have in our kitchen.

This cleanser will deep clean your face, unclog your pores and will leave your face feeling moisturized unlike a regular cleanser that sometimes leaves our skin feeling dry specially this winter season.

All you need is:
Oatmeal and coconut oil

The oatmeal will act as a exfoliant, but it will be gentle enough to use it every day because we are going to put it in the blender until it’s all crushed like flour.

The oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties so it's perfect if you have acne, helps remove death skin, cleans the skin and its perfect for all skin types.

You can even use just the oatmeal flour if you like as soap or add coconut oil.

The coconut oil will help moisture the skin while cleaning it that’s why won’t leave your skin feeling all dry.

Coconut oil is most common use as a makeup remover so this cleanser will be perfect to use after removing your makeup to make sure there is nothing left in your pores. 

All you have to do its combine the 2 ingredients until it forms a soft paste. 

If you have dark marks due to acne you can add a table spoon of lemon juice to the mixture just remember to rinse your face really well after and preferably only use it at night.

If you feel like your skin its super dry you can add a table spoon of honey to moisture even more and will also open the pores and has antibacterial properties.

To use it all to do is wet your face and beck with a little warm water, grave a little ball of that paste and rub it on your face and neck in circular motions remember to be gentle!! and rinse with water.

And that is it, it’s so easy I can’t believe I didn't think of it before.

Don´t forget keep it in a container with lid for storage. 

I have been using it for couple of weeks now, usually this time of the year my skin feels so dry and I have oily skin! My face feels clean and feels moisture of course I still use my moisturizer.

Also, I do have some dark marks on my face due to acne problems so I only use it at night because of the lemon juice.

I hope you guys like this tip and if you do it please let me know in the comments if it worked for you! Remember we are all deferent and not everything it's going to work for everyone and also leave in the comments what else you would like me to write about in the blog I’d love to read all your suggestions.

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016

How to treat Ingrown Hairs

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How to treat ingrown hair

Hello again, after a long time not posting anything on the blog I finally manage to organise my self to be able to finally write again. 
So, todays post its about a very common problem we have to face due to any hair removal method which are the awful ingrown hairs.

A hair gets trap inside of the pore when the pores are clogged by dirt and death cells and its reflected as a pimple, but it can also get infected if it’s not treat it properly. But there are some things that you can still do to avoid them. 

Hair removal: In my opinion there Is no hair removal method that will actually avoid ingrown hairs, because they either make the hair weak or doesn’t remove it from the root, but by doing it properly it can be prevented. 
Shaving: do not use soap, use shaving cream instead and change the razor frequently.

Waxing: do not reuse so many times the wax because every tie its use it won’t pull the hair out.  

Exfoliating: exfoliating the skin will help the pores to be unclogged by removing all the death skin, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin at least once a week to have a good skin care.

Opening the pores: As with the face, opening the pores in your legs with hot water before shaving will help remove the hair easier

Ice: put some ice or cold water over your legs after shaving or waxing to help close the pores.
In case you already have some ingrown hairs and don’t really know what to do, here are some tips for that:

  • Clean the skin with soap and water
  • Open up the pores where the pimple is
  • Use sterilize tweezers   and pull the hair fast
  • Once the hair Is gone use some aloe Vera or an antiseptic to prevent infections

Today’s post its short, but really help full, I know for fact that ingrown hairs are a torture for some. 
But as always in every post don’t forget to leave in the comments below what do you do when you have an ingrown hair.

sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016

Dry clean Makeup Brush

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Dry clean your Makeup Brushes 

Hi! Today’s post its going to be small and not exactly a D.I.Y. but more of a tip or an alternative.

Browsing through the Ethernet I came across this new product for dry cleaning the makeup brushes but it costs 20 dollars and in my country that will be 400 Mexican pesos. So expensive!

As it caught my attention I look a little bit more and found some videos of other people suggesting cheap alternatives with stuff that we already have in the house, so I choose 3 of them to share with you in case you are not familiar to them.

This idea of dry makeup brush cleaning is just an alternative to be able to use the same brush for different colours of eyeshadows or pigments, but doesn’t work for cream or liquid products.

1.- microfiber cloth: It is really economic and you can find them in any store they even come in packages of 2 or 3 they are used for cleaning the house. This are smooth and soft cloths that doesn’t have any fluff. 

This cloth trap or absorb all the dust or in this case pigment left in the brush making it possible to use it for another colour without mixing it. 

2.-hair donut: this little donut that we use for a suck bun it is made of a plastic ned that is soft and this texture makes it easy for the brush to dust off the pigment in it when you do it in circular motions over the donut.

3.- synthetic sponge: it is the typical sponge used for cleaning the dishes. The same as the hair donut its texture helps the brush dust off the pigments and doesn’t damage the brush and it’s easier to clean.

I have a fourth option, I didn’t really find any videos mentioning it but since I had it at home I decided to give it a try and worked perfectly.

4.- Polypropylene cloth or disposable cloth: You know that little piece of cloth that comes with your computer to protect the screen when you buy it, that’s disposable cloth and you can also buy the fabric. This cloth works as well as the microfiber one it really cleans off the brush but the down side isthat even is washable won´t last as longer as the others.

To keep any of this in a safe place you can keep it in a plastic or metallic container with a lid that way will be safe and clean .

Now here is a video showing you how all these options work:

As I say in the beginning it isn’t a D.I.Y. is an alternative and doesn’t substitutes the fact that we need to deep clean our makeup brushes.

Hope this little tip its helpful and don’t forget to leave me in the comments if you already used this or what do you use for dry cleaning your makeup brushes.

miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016

5 Remedies for stretch marks

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5 Remedies to treat stretch marks

Stretch marks are marks on the skin in the form of white or purple sinuous lines that appear on the skin which occurs when the skin has been stretches fast as when fatten, in pregnancy, in men usually happens when they increase their muscle mass and then they lose it and in women usually occurs when we develop.

These marks usually appear on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, breasts, thighs, back, legs, arms.

These marks are completely normal and we all have them, but for some people this lines can be annoying. There are many home remedies that claim to completely eliminate stretch marks.

Personally I have tried some of them and I will share them with you, remember that stretch marks are scars and these cannot be completely eliminated, with home remedies, but they can help reduce them visibly

Exfoliate: A simple exfoliation makes all the difference because it removes dead cells from our skin, for a natural scrub just mixes a little sugar with almond oil and a few drops of lemon. 
Rub on the skin for 10 minutes making circular movements.  
 Do it once a week for one month and you will begin to notice the difference.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera contains nutrients and healing properties that helps with the healing process. Can be natural (extract directly from the plant) or gel form bought at the pharmacy; all you have to do is put some of this on stretch marks and it does not require rinsing. 
It can be applied daily two to three times daily. It takes at least 1 month to start seeing the results.
Personally this remedy is my favourite, it worked perfectly to reduce the scar of my surgery.

Cocoa butter: This remedy is very common and known especially recommend for pregnant women to prevent leaving stretch marks, you can get it in a cream or ointment in pharmacies, but you can also get it natural and to keep solid if you live in a hot place you can mix it with a little beeswax, coconut oil or sweet almond oil, melt over low heat until all ingredients are mixed and bottle it. You can apply it every day even 2 times a day.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is perfect for massaging and their properties help the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, massage the area with a little oil making circular movements.

Egg whites: Egg whites contain proteins and amino acids that help fight scars. Mix 1 or 2 egg whites (depends on how big is the treatment area) cover the area with it using a makeup brush. 
Remember to clean the area well before. Leave it until completely dry and rinse with water. Use it 1 or 2 times a week.

All these remedies require perseverance and take approximately one to two months to start noticing the changes.

It is not always possible to prevent leaving stretch marks, but when we are pregnant or want to lose weight you can use these remedies to help prevent them, or when they are just starting to show up these remedies will prevent them to be more noticeable.

Remember that having scars is nothing to be ashamed of, all women and men have them and are completely normal and are part of our growth and development.

They cannot be completely eliminated unless you have surgery or laser treatment to remove them, but we can make them less visible.

I hope these tips on how to treat stretch marks can be of help to you and please do not forget to share with me in the comments what remedies you use to fight stretch marks.

jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016


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Have You ever wonder why you lose hair? every time you shower or brush your hair you lose that much you begin to imagine by the time you are 30 will be completely bald?

Do not worry that's not going to happen, the truth Is, this is completely normal that we lose hair to in the shower, when we brush it, seen it all over the floor around the house it’s something woman are used to, but moving along with the post I’ll explain why we suffer from hair loss.

The hair has a cycle that is called hair cycle, the follicles each one of them has its own cycle and this cycle can stop any time losing its thickness and end with the hair falling. 

This cycle it’s also affected by the frequent use of shampoo, heat, chemicals, bleach, hair spray etc. Everything affects it. Even though your products claim to be 100% organic remember everything use in excess can affect you even water.

So its normal to lose some hair every day, but if you notice that suddenly its increasing for no reason at all then you have to pay attention to find out what’s happening, it could be a side effect of:

stress: being under lots of stress and pressure can cause hair loss and also affect our entire system.

. Poor diet or bad nutrition: a poor diet is reflected in our entire body specially on the skin and hair it causes hair loss and makes it look dry and dull.

. excess use of chemicals: over using heat and chemicals by dying the hair frequently literally kills the hair and makes you lose hair faster, also if you tie it too strong or pull it while brushing it will rip your hair right away.

 If you feel like you can’t leave without a hairdryer ty using it on cool air instead of hot and don’t leave it for too long in just one place, try to move it in circles to cover most of the head so you can finish faster and place it not so close to the head. 

. Medicine: there are some treatments that can cause the follicle to die fast which causes hair loss as chemotherapy, if you are taking pills or having a treatment ask your doctor for the possible side effects.

. Hormones disorders: if you are pregnant or have a hormone disorder or your Thyroid isn’t working the way its suppose to this can also cause hair loss, but don’t worry once the pregnancy its over or you start controlling your hormones it will stop. 

Now that we know some of the reasons why our hair could be falling from our heads let’s see some solutions for it, this of course are homemade remedies for the most typical causes.

Oils massage: Massaging the head improves the blood flow on the follicles making them stronger in the roots and the oils help to hydrate the scalp preventing it from getting dry and itching.

You can do this 2 different ways:

1.- make a mix of different oils I personally like: coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil. Put them in a bowl and heat it for a couple seconds till all the oils are mixed let it cool for a bit. It has to be warm so you can put it on your head and massage the scalp with this mix. Do it gently.

2. use any oil you like you don’t have to heat this one and simply massage the scalp with it. Remember don’t use a lot of it 

you can do this 2 times a week 

Beet juice: 

The beet helps to stop the hair from falling and helps it for a healthy grow because it has carbohydrates, protein, potassium, vitamins B and C, calcium and phosphorus that helps to keep a healthy and strong hair.

You can use this 2 different ways:

1.- cook some beet and smash them until you make a paste, put it on your scalp for 20 minutes and rinse. Keep in mind this could dye your hair.

2.- just include more beet or beet juice on your daily diet.

Avoid stress

I know this seems impossible! It it’s important to be stress free as much as you can not only to avoid hair loss but to have a better quality life.

 Remove all the negative thought in your mind that will help you to stay calm, try different activities like yoga, Pilates, running or kickboxing anything that can distract you from all the work and house issues and also will help you get rid of all the frustration. 

Go to a spa or have a spa day at home just forget about everything and everyone and pamper yourself you deserve it!

Use products that are right for your hair: 

There are many product and treatments to prevent or solve the hair lose problems can be shampoos, oils, creams, masks. Just make sure that’s the right one for your hair and has the less chemicals. 

I used this organix coconut milk shampoo it did help me to stop it, this isn’t a made for hair loss but since its organic it helps may hair to recover from all the chemicals.

This is it for today’s post, I really hope this can be helpful or useful for some of you and as always don’t forget to share with me aby other tips you got for hair loss issues.

domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

REVIEW Nair wax ready strips

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REVIEW wax ready strips

Hello everyone in this week’s post I decided to write a review about the Nair wax ready strips that I try out a couple months ago.

When I first started this blog one of my first post was a D.I.Y on sugar wax or sugaring which is like my favourite method, I have been using it for a long time. 
But sometimes when I’m traveling or have a lot of work I don’t really have to time to cook the wax, and for some shaving it’s not really a good option even if it’s the easiest and fastest of all the options.

Buying wax that has to be melted on the microwave, at least for me it means a total mess and too much work to keep it warm and the creams most of them don’t really work at all they don’t remove the all hair plus they have a really bad smell.

So on my last trip I needed a new epilating option because I couldn’t take the time to cook the sugar so I went to the store and decided to buy and try the wax ready strips that are supposed to be kind of like ¨cold¨ wax, I have read bad comments about them but I decided to try them anyway.

I bought this one that are for sensitive skin with camomile, the package comes with 20 double strips, so in total are 40 trips in one size. 

They are effective in short hair and that the results last up to 8 weeks which petty much like 2 months.

On the back of the package comes the instructions for using them, the ingredients on them and some precautions to take before using them.

As I mention at the beginning the strips are double, they come in pair stick together with the wax to separate them you need to warm the trips rubbing it between your hands until the wax is warm enough to split the strip. Each strip can be use 3 to 4 times depending on how much hair you are going to remove.

My experience: It’s the first time I use them and to be honest I though they weren’t going to work as well.

It is a little hard to make them warm because they get cold really fast, and if they are not warm enough when you try to split or separate them, the can break or one of the strips end up without the wax.

I am use to wax to I have to admit the very first day I used this one it hurt a lot more that when I use the sugar wax, but of course the pain is just temporarily.

Although it doesn’t really last 8 weeks as t promises, mine lasted at least 3 weeks for the hair to start to grow again. 

They work really well, I didn’t quite like the fact that after waxing I got residues of the wax on the skin, even if it says that can be remove with baby oil or any other oil honestly it wasn’t easy to remove so I want fan of that.

Besides that, the results were really good, left my skin soft, removed all the hairs and never got any irritation of any kind. Another thing I liked was that I found a facial package that came with 2 different size strips and they were perfect for the armpits.

I will definitely buy them again, they are easy to use  plus no mess which is perfect for me, removes all the hair at once and doesn’t irritates the skin.

I still prefer the sugaring method but this was ready strips are a really good alternative for when you don’t have a lot of time.

Have you ever try this wax?

Please share your experience with them on the comments and also let me know what is your favourite epilating method. Hope you enjoy the post.